I know choosing a therapist can be a daunting task. Research has shown that the single most predictive factor of treatment success is the strength of relationship between the therapist and client, so it’s crucial that you feel a strong connection to your therapist.  My personal style as a clinician is relaxed, conversational, non-judgmental and patient. I understand that you have likely been dealing with your concerns for a long time, and it will take some time to gain insight, healing and resolution. I will listen as you put words to your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. I will guide you in paying attention to your body to gain more awareness of how emotions manifest themselves for you physically.  As your therapist, I will believe in you and help you realize that you are exactly where you need to be, moving in the direction intended for you. I will offer you a safe, supportive, compassionate space to do the emotional work that you are brave enough to take on.

I started my career in 1999 by working with adolescent boys in a residential treatment center. It was a challenging job for many reasons, and I felt like if I had more training, I would be better equipped to affect change in their lives. So, I returned to school and graduated with my Master’s in Counseling. I’ve been a licensed professional counselor and certified addictions counselor for 14 years. 

After graduating, I returned to working with troubled adolescents in an agency setting as a family therapist. I went on and took a job working with adolescents on probation, who struggled with drug and alcohol issues and worked closely with the drug court system. I enjoyed being a solid figure in the lives of these kids who were trying to navigate some really difficult circumstances. Once I started a family of my own, I took a position working weekends at a hospital in Denver, doing psychiatric evaluations and began to transition to private practice. The hospital position exposed me to the types of severe mental illnesses that one doesn’t often see in a private practice setting and offered a great clinical experience, which helped me enhance my assessment skills. I am now devoted full time to my practice and feel that my current work is a culmination of all my professional and personal experiences. 

I think there are many effective approaches to healing and affecting change in our lives. What is best for you is largely determined by who you are, how you are wired and what you are open to. I have seen people’s lives transformed by giving their pain a voice, validating its existence and holding a gentle, tender space for it. You can gain insight into the source of your pain while learning practical ways of managing your emotions in a way that serves you and your needs. 

There are more and more studies coming out that indicate that emotions are energy stored in our bodies on a cellular level. I have found employing various mind/body techniques to augment more traditional “talk therapy” can help resolve emotional blocks and enhance your ability to enjoy a positive outcome in a shorter amount of time. I think things surface in our lives when they do because we are ready and equipped to heal and learn. Trusting that wisdom in ourselves is important; in fact, trusting and believing in ourselves is not only an outcome of healing — it facilitates healing. I feel honored to be in a position where I am a witness to this sacred process in people. 


When I’m not immersed in my responsibilities as a mom and a therapist, I like anything that requires me to be in the sunshine. I love live music  – especially outdoor. I love friendly competition and connecting with my friends. I enjoy working with my hands and am a woodworking hobbyist. My projects have ranged from building pieces of furniture to kitchen cabinets.  I spend a lot of time playing guitar and trying to convince my children to form a band with me. I have three kids who are hilarious, strong, talented and really short.

Choosing to do your emotional work takes courage and commitment. The work can be difficult and intimidating, and also incredibly rewarding and empowering. I will match your commitment with my own and we will navigate the challenges you are facing together. When you are ready, get in touch with me at 303.941.4256 and I will support your journey of healing and growth.